A Simpler Way to Log In

A new login experience is coming to Northeastern University this year.

What is 1Login?

1Login is an initiative to bring a more streamlined and secure login experience for Northeastern faculty, staff, and students. Throughout 2023, the university will transition from multiple online login experiences to a single, improved login experience. That leaves you more time to focus on learning, teaching, work, and other important activities in your day-to-day life. 

1Login launches Northeastern into a more modern, digital age for accounts and security. The new login experience will improve overall security for Northeastern accounts and may reduce the number of times the community must verify logins with Duo 2FA. In the future, it also paves the way for the possible adoption of password-less login methods, such as biometrics, authenticator apps, and automatic logins on managed devices. 

1Login Updates

This site will monitor the progress of the transition in all of its stages. More information will be added as the project continues.