Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to questions about 1Login below. If you still need support, contact the IT Service Desk at 617.373.HELP [4357] or email

When is this going to happen?

The 1Login experience will roll out over 2023, with sites and services moving in stages. This means that some university resources will use the new experience during the transition, while others will still use the previous login methods. Additionally, smaller login changes may occur for some services in preparation for the larger transition. These changes will be communicated in advance whenever possible.  

Stay tuned for a timeline of when certain sites and services will make the move to 1Login. 

Will I have to do anything differently?

Once the transition is finalized, you may notice fewer steps in the login process for apps and services. This is expected, and it’s one of the benefits of the project—an easier login experience across the board. 

Will I have a different username or password?

You’ll log in the same way as you log in today to your email, Student or Employee Hub, or other services using Microsoft’s Active Directory—with ‘”. If this differs from your email address, you’ll now have the option to log in with your email address in the new experience. Northeastern passwords are not changing due to 1Login. 

The app or service I’m using has a different login experience, but it’s not scheduled to transition yet. Why am I seeing this change? 

Due to the work occurring behind the scenes for this type of transition, some elements of the login experience may change ahead of schedule. Check 1Login for details about these occurrences. 

Why aren’t all the apps and services transitioning at the same time?  

Due to the enormity of the apps and services offered through Northeastern, this project was broken down into stages to make the transition more manageable both behind the scenes and for the community. Slow progress will ensure that recently transitioned apps and services function as they should before the next group scheduled for the change. 

The Student Hub and Employee Hub transitioned, but some linked services have not. Is that supposed to happen? 

Yes. Apps and services are scheduled to transition at different times throughout 2023. Once 1Login is fully rolled out, all the apps and services you access will be transitioned. The wait will be worth it!